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Total Dutch Summer Clinics are open to players 7-18 years old of all skill levels and playing abilities. We offer Morning & Afternoon Clinic Sessions, great for players looking to stay active & learn new skills and tricks, all while improving their game!


Elite Skills Clinic

This clinic features up-tempo instruction on advanced skills. Advanced training topics include but are not limited to: 1v1 Offense & Defense, (Drag) flick, Aerial, Strokes, (high) sweep, Reverse sweep, Chip shot, Reverse chip shot, Chops, *All skills will be practiced at the highest speed possible with full pressure.

3-D Skills

Advance your skills to the next level! 3-D based skills have grown the overall game of field hockey. Our Total Dutch Field Hockey staff will coach and refine players’ skills and introduce tricks used in modern “Turf” Field Hockey. 

Elimination Skills

Become unstoppable! Perfects your complete overall elimination tactics. Increase ball control, ball tracking as well as build up confidence in dodges such as pull left, pull right, 3-D eliminations and much more.

Scoring Clinic

Our Scoring Clinic focuses on increasing power, accuracy & extending knowledge of different advanced scoring techniques. The goal of this clinic is to have players gain total confidence inside the circle by capitalizing on their shooting opportunities.

Little Sticks Clinic

This introductory Field Hockey clinic is constructed to introduce young players to the game of Field Hockey. Participants will learn the proper stick handling and basic rules of the game in a positive environment.

Small Sided Games

Playing small-sided field hockey games like 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5 can be a fun and exciting way to improve your skills and teamwork on the field. These smaller games allow for more touches on the ball, quick decision-making, and increased communication with your teammates. 

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