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Special Skills Camp

This camp is for all players interested in adding and developing special skills to their game. Our Total Dutch Field Hockey staff will coach and refine players’ skills and introduce tricks used in modern “Turf” Field Hockey. Topics include but are not limited to: (drag) flick, aerial, strokes, (high) sweep, reverse sweep, chip shot, reverse chip shot, chop, akka’s, insert corner, corner stick-stop, corner striking, and deflections.

It’s recommended but not required for players to have at least 3 years of Field Hockey experience or currently play with a travel or club team.

* All players are required to bring their:
– stick
– mouthguard
– shinguards
– water bottle
– turf shoes or cleats
– sunblock

Lunch is available on order from Subway for $8 at the front desk.

Before and After Care is available at Soccer Centers for $10 an hour, starting from 8am to the start of camp ,and until 6pm after the camp ends.


** Players will be divided by age and level**

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