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About Total Dutch Field Hockey

Total Dutch Field Hockey (TDFH) is a Field Hockey organization for players in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.

Total Dutch Field Hockey offers a year round program for players of all ages and skill levels. TDFH Programs include: Skill Classes, Private Training, Camps, Leagues, Tournaments, and Club teams.

The Netherlands is recognized around the world as one of the top countries in Field Hockey.  The Men and Women’s National hockey teams have both won numerous World Cups, Olympic gold, European titles, and Champion Trophies.  The Dutch competition is one of the strongest in the World with the most effective training tools. At Soccer Centers, we have developed the TOTAL DUTCH FIELD HOCKEY philosophy, which is based on the Dutch training method but geared towards the American Field Hockey player.

Our Field Hockey coaches are hired directly from the Netherlands with degrees from the KNHB (Royal Dutch Field Hockey Association) and the C.I.O.S. (Central Institute of Sports Education). The C.I.O.S. is a 4-year full time college with a very selective admission process where students are taught all aspects of sport.  This encompasses teaching players just starting out all the way to professional game analysis with topics ranging from sports psychology to conditioning.

In order to graduate for the C.I.O.S. students will receive 3,600 hours of classroom and on the field training. In addition to the “regular” classes the students are also taught in other aspects of sports such as: sports psychology, conditioning, speed and agility, injury prevention, and physiology.

Total Dutch Field Hockey coaches are able to bring the correct curriculum to each team or player and are able to make the players understand the tactical manner of the game they are playing. Remember, Total Dutch Field Hockey coaches are teachers.

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