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Training Method

Total Dutch Field Hockey training is based on the Dutch philosophy of coaching, which is founded on the premise that the player’s ball control and tactical development will receive top priority in training. Players will be grouped according to ability to make their experience challenging and enjoyable.

This unique training course is far beyond the static regimented training environment that most players experience today. Technical and tactical instruction will be conducted through the application of small-sided games so that players will experience a training environment that replicates the real game. Under the watchful eye of our Dutch trained coaching staff, players will begin to know WHAT to do, WHEN to do it and HOW to do it at the fast-paced speed that is required in the modern game.

Training exercises are chosen by taking into account the age and level of ability of players in these groups. Based on staff assessment and recommendation, individuals may be moved to higher-level groups with parent notification and approval.

Total Dutch Field Hockey is committed to teaching the correct techniques and advanced skills, by breaking down each skill and built it up to the way International players are using them.

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