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Goalie Camp

The goalkeeper position is both physically and mentally demanding. With this in mind, our goal is to have the players push themselves to their own limits. This in turn will unleash each player’s strength and self-confidence to perform at the next level of play.

In the Total Dutch Goalie Camp, instruction will emphasize the proper technique in a controlled setting. We teach game situations with repetition of skills that are fundamental for success. Camp topics include decision-making, reaction, clearing, slides (in all directions), blocks, self-confidence, and of course our famous Slip & Slide!!!

This camp is open to all Keepers ages 8-18!

* All players are required to bring their:

-Their own goalie gear, Total Dutch is not providing any goalie gear
– stick
– mouth guard
– water bottle
– turf shoes or cleats
– sunblock

Lunch is available on order from Subway for $8 at the front desk.

Before and After Care is available at Soccer Centers for $10 an hour, starting from 8am to the start of camp and until 5pm after the camp ends.

** Players will be divided by age and level** 

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