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Total Dutch Summer CAMPS are open to players 7-18 years old of all skill levels and playing abilities. Our Summer programs are great for players looking to stay active & learn new skills and tricks, all while improving their game!


Scrimmage & Game Camp.png

The best way for players to improve is in a game setting! Participants will be familiarized with the basic rules and different tactics of the game. Topics will include but are not limited to 1v1, 2v1, and small-sided games.

Total Dutch Camp.png

This program is designed to teach players a variety of skills used in modern Field Hockey. Focus on perfecting skills; Topics include but not limited to: dribbling, receiving, passing, 1v1 offense, 1v1 defense, and small-sided games.

Goalie Camp.png

During the Total Dutch Goalie weeks, instruction will emphasize the proper technique in a controlled setting. Topics include decision-making, reaction, clearing, slides (in all directions), blocks, and self-confidence.

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