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The "Complete Player" Skills Classes

Total Dutch Field Hockey is hosting a Fundamental, Middle School, and High School Skills Class which focuses on a wide variety of skills to develop the “complete player”. The goal of the 8 week clinic is to ensure players are more prepared & effective within game & competition settings.

Each training session will have an age driven curricula targeting specific areas the coaches feel each player needs to develop most within the season!

Due to a focus on a wide variety of skills, players will become more comfortable on the ball, dangerous in possession & stand out more within game situations!  


Please see below for further details on training  topics you can expect from each age group. The difficulty & pressure placed on each topic will be based on each players skills & abilities! All sessions are held on Soccer Centers turf fields. Contact INFO@TOTALDUTCHFH.COM for questions

Fundamental Skills

  • Stick Handling

  • Dribbling/ Relay Races

  • Passing & Receiving

  • Eliminations Skills (pull left & right)

  • Game Situations (1v1 & 2v1)

  • Scrimmages (Small sided)

Middle School Skills

  • Stick handling​

  • Dribbling (Strong & Reverse side, 1 handed)

  • Passing & Receiving (strong & reverse side)

  • Elimination Skills (combination of multiple skills)

  • Game situations (1v1/ 2v1 under pressure)

  • Scrimmages (small sided)

  • Defensive Skills (Basic stealing of the ball/ body set up)

High School Skills

  • Dribbling (change of direction)

  • Passing & Receiving (bounce balls)

  • Elimination Skills (combination of multiple skills)

  • Game situations (3v2/ 4v2)

  • Scrimmages (small sided)

  • Defensive Skills (forcing player to a side)

  • Scoring Skills (flick/ deflection/re-direction of the ball)

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